"Remove either of LOVE affair or Money matter from any involvement, some people may never have any reason to KEEP IN Touch with OTHERS. 1 Timothy. 6:10, Matthew. 6:21; 16:26. CHECK YOUR VALUES AND PRIORITIES before the YEAR RUNS OUT. Keeping in touch could be the bridge to someone's comfort and give peace and encouragement. Learn to Keep in touch with people, you may be the one to gain by so doing."


"A finger that wiped away your tears during a hard time is greater than the thousands of hands that clapped during your success". Some people may have despised the channels that God used for them to come through in some situations or prosper in life. You need to have a retrospective mind and a discerning heart to value and appreciate those who God had used for you to overcome or achieve in any situation or prosper either in your business, work, ministry, academics, in your marriage, your relocation, and many other areas of your life. Call or send them a line or two words of appreciation, even if you are not as close as before anymore. In some cases, it may bring some healing/restoration. Distance sometimes reveals the value or importance of someone, thereby exposing the vacuum they filled and in the process, our excesses/where we took them for granted. It may also help to REDUCE YOUR BATTLES. This may demand some humility in some cases. Reduce your battles."


Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor; only fools insist on quarreling. Prov. 20:3.

 A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Prov. 22:3{NLT).  INSIST ON REDUCING EVERY OF YOUR KNOWN BATTLES this year and see what a difference it makes.


Learn and try the art of "letting go" of past hurts and take on the spirit of "sacrificing and demonstrating genuine Concern, involvement and contribution in things of others. That's the top secret for sustained life of daily supplies

The moment you give someone the first reason to doubt you, either by your words or actions, it Creates suspicion, shakes confidenceand questions trust. Thus, it henceforth leaves the room for him to tread softly with you, taking precautions every inch of the way and having a second thought in every matter that concerns you, viewing trusting you as a great risk. Mere words hardly corrects impressions without corresponding actions and that may take some time

Love your parents, Take very good care of your kids, but endeavor to keep your friends who truly are friends because you will need them at the latter part of your life's journey... When parents are gone and when kids are grown and separated. Your true friends will become the bullwark of your life

At one point or the other in our involvement with people, they somehow tend to loose their guards, putting aside some of the initial cautions and courtesies, thus freely expressing themselves in words and by reflex acting out their real selves. They get so free and forgetful sometimes about their words and actions, due to familiarity. People may at the beginning be able to manage what they Say, but with time, their Actions gives them out because it speaks louder than voice. Whoever tells you what he had done or said to and about others can say and do same to and about you. Observe more but Listen with foresight in order to minimize emotional hurts in the days ahead. You MUST Learn People like a craft and read them like a book to know them with time. This study takes time, but is worth the investment. Listen with FORESIGHT and watch the consistency in their commitment. Nothing beats TIME. Eccl. 3:14. James 1:19

Our PAINS and our NEEDS sometimes exposes us to some unnecessary friends who may take undue advantage of our emotional situations in any unguided moment.  Where hundreds of  issues unite us, and only one divides us. Winning the heart of someone is important than winning situations. Don't try to be triumphant in all differences. Don't be too quick to demolish the bridges you once built to cross to where you are now because in life things do go round and may sometimes come by our paths again in another form..  Patience exposes the reality or the truth in anyone or anything

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