(All at credit levels)

 Course duration and Entry requirements for CHEW 3 years

 1. English Language

 2. Mathematics

 3. Biology

 4. Chemistry

 5. Physics/ Geography


Note: Any candidate with deficiency(s) in any of the above listed subjects, but have a minimum of three credits may be admitted for programme while making up for the required entry qualifications within the period of two academic section


NOTE: Any STUDENT with Three (3) CARRYOVERS would be made to REPEAT the semester and any STUDENT with Five (5) CARRYOVERS would be WITHDRAWN from the COLLEGE


Note: On completion of the course the certification of the students will be done internally by the Plateau State College of Health Technology, Zawan. In addition, the student shall also be given the certification of the international Christian Chaplains Association (ICCA), USA. As a clinical Chaplain



 Bed sheet/Pillows


 Mattress (6 springs)

 Buckets (2)


 Cooking utensils

 No electric cooking utensil


 Come with tracksuit

 Canvas (white recommended)

Mosquito Nets ( Compulsory) 

B. P.  Aparatus and stethoscope 

E. N. T. ( Diagnostic Set) 


Gray colored V-neck sweater (Long sleeve) 

A Laptop (Optional) 

Rechargeable lamp


Rules and regulations

Smoking/Alcohol is not permitted in the School premises

All Clinical cadets are to attend the college chapel for devotion and services

Drill, physical exercise and games are compulsory for all Clinical cadet and participation in the general monthly fitness parade of all chaplains

Pass must be obtained before living the school premises for any outside assignment/engagement

All cadet are expected to be in uniform during all class periods

By weekly: (second & last Saturdays) of the month between 12:00Hrs and 17:00Hrs

 On the recommendation of the disciplinary committee, erring cadet could be suspended or dismissed from the college as the case may be

 The library shall be closed at 22:00Hrs

 All Clinical cadet are expected to maintain high level of discipline

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