"Initial pretense could Mask the level of anyone's Emotional Stability to manage relationship problems which could make a prospective friend or partner fall prey into making hasty commitments. We all have to at one time or the other LEARN the Lesson called 'Life' whenever we put the Cart before the horse. Jeremiah. 6:16"


 We sometimes lost a beautiful friendship because we said we didn't have the time JUST TO CALL, expecting everyone else to understand,  meanwhile we are consumed with, and merely driven by our passion and ambition,  which occupies our thoughts to forget about those who genuinely care for and about us... and yet we expect that they should 'understand'. Understanding is a 2 way thing,  if it must yield good result, else it becomes a tool of manipulation and oppression. Prov. 4:7. Make ammends now.

If you haven't experienced or gone through a situation before, don't be too quick to say 'I understand'.. Hearing and seeing are quite different from feeling the direct impact of the heat. This will help to put a stopper on your lips to avoid judging them wrongly... because you have not experienced such situation before. Matthew 7; Galatians 6:1-3; James 1:19.. Genuine interest' MUST of a necessity be demonstrated by the spirit of Patience, no matter the circumstance.. Patience always sees the end.

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