In the name of God the father, the son and the holy spirit, the general officer commanding (GOC) 3rd amour division the review officer,plateau state commissioner of police Mr babatunde peter ogunyanwo, the plateau state comptrollers of immigration and customs. The commandant, NDLEA, civil defence cops, sector commander FRSC, state director SSS, Fire service, V.I.O, Chief medical directors of medical institution present, heads of religious organizations present, provost college of health technology zawan, ladies and gentlemen, all other protocols observed, good morning.


In the world full of danger, uncertainty, insecurity, high tech crime and unbelievable economic realities of individual, family and nations, stress become the order of the day.


As the stress button increases and ht the top the fall out is corruption of un-imagination magnitude, divorce rate that scare even the most optimistic, economic down turns that economics of repute grapple with and, spiritual confusion that has gotten people asking question what do we do, which way is the correct way.


Long time ago, the bible had warned man that his disregard of the word of God will earn him this trouble, man refusal to agree to the direction and instruction has brought this trouble.


Unfortunately, people continue to think that the solution to these problems lies on……… More money, position or physical makes up.


Man’s make up makes him a spirit being and… until his soul finds rest in God his creator, he continues to be restless, fearful and, at the end-takes out his frustration on others and his environment.


These are the reasons why though it cost us resource and lot of physical energy, we continue to labour at the COLLEGE OF CHAPLAIN to train and equip ordinary men and women who by the spirit are able to manage these crises that the human race is engaged in.


As part of these labour, the College of Chaplain has recently added to its stable, the Chaplaincy College of Health Technology which is an affiliate of the Plateau State College of Health Technology where clinical Chaplains are been trained in community health programmme which on completion, qualifies them to run clinics and patent medicine stores in their communities as part of it community service.


The chaplain’s college of health clinic is open to the public to render first aid service and handle emergency cases referral to other medical centres for attention.


These gives us the opportunity to use medicine as a platform to bring the gospel message which is the ultimate solution to man’s needs.


The graduating students are graduating as community crises response chaplains. They are care-giver as well as ears to law enforcement and security agencies in pursuance of the urgent need of peace building in our society.


To the glory of God, the chaplains college recently acquired a piece of land its using as a parade ground and, for other social activity of the community in which it has found itself.


In conclusion, I bring you greetings and sincere regards from our chief of chaplains Dr. John Amaral (ICCA) U.S.A.


God bless you all.


Long Live College of Chaplain.


Long Live Nigeria.


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