Master In Chaplaincy (Spirituotherapy) Course Titles and Descriptions



Master Chaplain


Course Title

Course Content


Biblical Counseling

This Course Core intent is to Balance Christianity and Psychiatry with the understanding that all truth is God’s Truth.


Understanding Chaplaincy:

School, Hospital, Prison & Military

Teaches the fundamental principles of Care giving, peculiar and particular Care-given attitudes, attributes & practices required in

School, Hospital, Prison and Military Chaplaincy.


Therapeutic Nutrition

Help achieve and maintain the highest level of health and fitness through careful dietary planning and Nutritional supplements. Drug-free remedies and use of vitamins and minerals.


Dealing with Depression

This course covers how to care for those who are terminally ill

(such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer etc) as well as how to help those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.


Research Project

A basic research, in-depth, original and independent study in chaplaincy Concepts considered in the program will be submitted at the end of the




Students are expected to undertake practicing session in

Specified sites- Hospital, School, Prison and Military with focus on resolution of Psycho-social presenting of problems


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