Diploma in Chaplaincy Course Titles and Descriptions



Diploma in Chaplaincy


Course Title

Course Content

BTH 201

Understanding Man and His Spiritual Development

An expose on the triune nature of man and

Capabilities. A deeper study of human socio-psychology with focus on emotional discipline for counselor-in-training and chaplain necessary for self recovery.

PSY 201

Principle and practice of

Christian counseling

Get to be a deliverer by receiving the

knowledge needed to respond to other

people’s problem with intelligence,

compassion and wisdom.

BTH 202

Creative Christian Leadership (Contending for the truth)

Find out ways to differentiate truth from lies, character from charlatan, missionary from merchandiser.

PSY 203

Counseling and


This course teaches counseling in a

group setting; meeting growth

needs of individuals within a group as well as the growth of the group.

MSD 203

Managing Stress and Depression

The aim of this course is to teach

self-guided response to stress by

teaching relaxation, truth concentration

and meditation skills

EWT 202

End-time Wealth


An expose of principles inherent to

being wealthy in this end-time

TPP 201

Mini Project

All course participants are required

to submit a long essay of 30 - 40 pages in length.




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