Certificate in Basic Chaplaincy (CBC) Course Titles and Descriptions


Basic in Chaplaincy


Course Title

Course Content

 EWT 102  Endtime Wealth Transfer   Approaching endtime wealth transfer from the perspective of the scriptural prophecy of Haggai 2:6-8 & Zachariah 1:17. This is to expose students to the now will of God for the prosperity of the church for the harvest of souls in line deut8:18&3 John 2

BTH 101





Biblical Basis of






A thorough study of chaplaincy

as rooted in the bible. This

course touches on the history of

chaplaincy worldwide and its

history on the Plateau as


CRC 101

Crisis Response Chaplaincy

Teaches military history colors,

emblem, language and

subculture. This allows cadet

professional preparation for

peace keeping effort, ministering

to the armed forces and access

to restricted areas.

PSY 101

Introduction to

Biblical Counseling

A general overview of psychology

for wholistic health. A step by

step regime for creating keys to

self recovery and enhance

success in counseling and

humanitarian involvement by

exposing cadet to the fact of

being like passion as their client.

HCS 102

Humanitarian Community Service


The focus is on preventive

mechanism for crises aversion; skills

in reading flashpoints

DPF 101

Drills and Physical Fitness

Apart from the military drill that

enhances regimental alertness

and unity of purpose, discipline

of personal health and fitness is

learned in this course.

FEC 101

Family Ecology I

Troubleshooting approach for

family that is out of balance,

equipping Parent to model Christ to

the children in the face of


CLL 101

Christian Leadership

and the Law

This course is to teach a leadership

that is Christ focused within the

framework of the law.



Term Paper

All cadets are required to submit

a long essay of 15-20 pages in

length. The minimum numbers of

resources to be used are five in


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